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[Sunday, March 04, 2007 // 8:54pm]
[ mood | put a lil pimpin'in it ]

school tomorrow
oh noes, hoes.

it'll be nice seeing people again.
i've missed you guys.
quite a freakin bit.

ahhh i suppose i should take a minute to update. you know, procrastinate on finishing up my animal behavior work (which i will kick myself for later) but oh wellz.

lets see, lets see. i finally had my last day of work a week ago friday. heavennnn => i reallly REALLY needed a break. i had all these great plans for my last two weeks of break but when it turned into my last 1 week of break the plans kind of got really informal and well. most fell through.

i'm sorry jane! i really realllly wanted to hang out with you i'm taking a rain check, k? ily... lots.

so let me just bring you up to date on my last week of freedom

w00ps, btw i went backwards filling this out. ta-da!

MON; the number 23. not a bad movie, saw it with aaron. i actually liked it. i mean it had potential to be either really bad or pretty okay / good. i liked it. again, another good day. yay =]

TUE; didn't do much of anything. dad was off from work that day. ANTM re-runs for me.

WED; well let me pull out my wallet and check my ticket stubs haha. hey! that actually worked. well that was the day aaron and i saw norbit. oooh How YOU doin?! i loved that movie. laughed honestly, the entire time. stoopid funny movies always get me. it really wasn't that bad though.

THU; i'm pretty sure that thursday was when aaron, his cuz tiffany, and i went to venice. yeahhh yeah it was. so i went to venice beach for like the first time in my life ( my parents say they took me when i was little, i don't know if i believe them though) i liked it. noooot bad except for when aaron gave me the silent treatement but PSH! i win!!! i got him in the end. we walked to the pier and then to 3rd street? i was so out of my zone i could've been anywhere. but anyways it was a nice day and i was soooper tired when i finally got home.

FRI; oooh! BLACK SNAKE MOAN. i saw it with natalie. actually, friday was quite fun =P saw the movie with natalie around 4 (too bad cuz i couldn't see it with aaron and frank too, aaron had to bail and frank was still working so it would've been off). after the movie i came home. had a bit to eat. and by the time i realized that my phone had died aaron was outside waiting for me :) we were going to see a movie but nahhh. he took me too the tattoo shop because i had to get a ball for my helix and nick had to put my earrings back in for me. went to city walk. he ate and we walked around for a while. had a nice time. we won't go into the days earlier activities though. MWHAHAHAHA <3 we'll just say it was a really good day. oh yeah. also went to this BITCHIN art gallery

SAT; yesterday. um. is it bad i can't really remember what i did? well its probably not good. well i do know that i babysat last night (as always). but as for the day... i don't think i did much. i kinda remember watching tv for a bit. and bath-ing and all that good stuff hahah anyways. pointless day? wait! no not pointless. i went to pink berry... yummmmmy =D

SUN; today. i didn't really do anything other than change my toe polish haha and finish up on my homework. i was going to see aaron and do hw with him but our plans got switched up and yeah, didn't end up working out. =0\ but thats okay... tomorrow!!

well thats that for now. i have to say i had a GREAT last week, its just too bad i couldn't have two like that but seriously... OH WELL!

see you guys at school tomorrow.

hope everyones doing well.

lots of loveeeee


X ♥ O
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[Sunday, January 21, 2007 // 9:57pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

'Cause I am due for a miracle
I'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes

sooo... long time no update, eh?

well heres a really quick little one.
today = prettttty good
ily jane

tomorrow = first day of work

i = confused to hell
oh nd kinda : [
maybe a little more than kinda.

but eh.
i guess we shall see

hope everyones doing well tho
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[Monday, December 18, 2006 // 8:16pm]
tune in and drop out
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[Tuesday, October 31, 2006 // 9:04pm]
r.i.p. beatz
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[Saturday, October 28, 2006 // 9:31pm]
[ mood | arrr ]

fake eyelashes are so not easy to get on

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[Saturday, October 28, 2006 // 9:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

oh man, so tonight is the first saturday in pretty much like a bazillion years that i'm not babysitting
and i'm not doing anything because it was really short notice

but on the brightside,

last night = knotts.
prettay good.
i mean not as scary as i would've liked. (THAT DOENS'T MEAN I DIDN'T GET SCARED BECAUSE WELL... DUH]
too bad we only went through mazes...
BUT STILL= really noice night

and after that good night of parent conferences
i decided to splurge today
- got a lip scrub i've been eyein but have been to cheap to buy (ITS AMAZING!)
and i got Amazing fake eyelashes- can't wait to use those!!
i also got some loose glitter for eyeliner and stuff, a new eyeliner brush, an eyelash brush thing, and the coolest little travel eyelash curler

yea.. i like makeup and all that shit AND WHAT?! hahah

other than that today was pretty borrrrrring

i wonder what tomorrow has in store for me....


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[Thursday, October 26, 2006 // 7:29pm]
[ mood | =0] ]

high b in english
b in gov!
c in euro
b in ani beh!!!!
a in animal husbandry?
a in service?


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